Twitter’s Timing is Everything feature offers insights to publishers

Twitter has updated its Media Studio platform to include Timing is Everything, a tool to provide actionable data to help video publishers improve their performance on Twitter. Timing is Everything displays historical data showing when audiences are on Twitter and engaging with video. This data highlights the best times to Tweet video content with an aim to maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership.

“It’s important to note that the chart on the page doesn’t show when your organic followers are watching your videos; instead, in the aggregate, it shows when people on Twitter are generally watching any video on Twitter,” noted Ellen Fitzgerald, product manager at Twitter in a blog post announcing the new feature. “We encourage publishers to continue to post throughout the day in order to maximize reach; however, consider including posting during the most engaging times of the day and week as part of that strategy.”

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Facebook adds features for businesses to communicate on platform

To make it easier for businesses on Facebook to communicate with customers, Facebook Business is launching two new features. Businesses can now use Pages to participate in Facebook Groups and join community discussions as that business, not just as an individual. Businesses can also receive and respond to Instagram Direct messages from a Business Facebook Page Inbox on a desktop or mobile device through the Pages Manager app.

Link: Facebook Business Announcements

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LinkedIn updates Campaign Manager to make advertising launches easier

LinkedIn has released a public beta version of Campaign Manager, updated to include Objective-Based Advertising. The new feature allows users to state what the objective of the campaign should be, and then changes the sign-up process to reflect those needs. LinkedIn has also rewritten Campaign Manager to a new technical stack making the interface faster and more responsive.

From the release: “Objective-Based Advertising will serve as the foundation for future innovation to come, making it easier and more intuitive to launch ads and meet your business goals on Campaign Manager. This new experience will be available to all customers starting Nov. 14,” the release stated.

Link: LinkedIn Business

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French marketing research agency acquires Synthesio social media platform

Synthesio and its social media intelligence tools have been acquired by Ipsos, a market research giant based in France. The deal will bring the social media tools to Ipsos as well the users data that comes with these tools. Synthesio will be a standalone business unit at Ipsos, maintaining the name and brand.

“The acquisition of Synthesio is part of the Total Understanding Project and its targeted acquisition objectives,” commented Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman and CEO. “It will reinforce Ipsos’ technologies and know-how in social listening and the monitoring of the data that comes with it. We are happy to welcome Synthesio’s leadership team onboard. By combining our strengths, we will grant our clients access to a wider range of data, actionable insights and a deeper understanding of customers.”

Link: Globe NewsWire

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Converseon adds library of machine learning models to social listening tool

Converseon has updated its Conversus social listening platform to include a library of prebuilt machine learning models. The update will allow brands to easily choose and subscribe to their preferred pre-built, industry-centric models and deploy them either directly or in conjunction with a growing array of leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms.

From the release: “Machine learning is powering a new generation of social data use and value by classifying data like humans do even when specific keywords are not present,” said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon.  “It allows companies to move far beyond simple sentiment and emotion to expand the use of this data in critical areas”

Link: Cision

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Social intelligence companies Brandwatch, Crimson Hexagon merge

Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon, two leaders in the social intelligence space, announced they will agree to merge. Work to integrate the products will begin immediately, although both products will continue to be supported and operate independently for an extended period. Brandwatch was advised on the transaction by Macquarie Capital.

“In this digitally connected world, our vision is to transform how organizations understand their consumers through products that bring structure and meaning to the public voices of billions of people. This merger allows us to accelerate towards that vision and move beyond social listening to innovate at the cross section of brand, market and consumer intelligence.” said Giles Palmer, Founder and CEO of Brandwatch.

Link: Brandwatch press releases

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Facebook updates measurements so businesses can track ads, engagement

Facebook is rolling up its reporting for Cost per Website Purchase, Cost per Mobile App Purchase and Cost per Offline Purchase into a single Cost per Purchase metric. As part of this measurement update, Facebook announced it is adding to the list of actions advertisers can track via the Facebook Pixel, including Contact, Customize Product, Donate, Find Location, Schedule, Start Trial, Submit Application and Subscribe.

From the release: “Since people interact differently with a business when shopping for shoes versus when buying a car, we created these new Standard Events to enable more businesses to understand customer engagement both online and offline. These improvements are part of our ongoing efforts to build solutions that empower businesses to understand customer interactions and drive better business results,” noted Facebook on its blog.

Link: Marketing Land

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Crimson Hexagon adds reverse search capabilities to social insights platform

Crimson Hexagon has added new reverse image search capabilities to its social media insights platform. Image analytics allow analysts to search by picture, instead of text, across Crimson Hexagon’s data library. Results include exact matches, visually similar images, and a full set of analytics on the consumer conversations related to that picture as it is used on multiple platforms by innumerable users.

From the release: “Brands are drowning in data about their consumers but struggle to surface the insights that are buried in all of that information,” stated Errol Apostolopoulos, SVP of Product. “With reverse image search and other features in this new version of the platform, we help our customers harness the insights buried in massive volumes of unstructured information to enable better decision-making across the enterprise.”

Link: Martech Advisor

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Facebook launches ad solutions for gaming marketers

Facebook has launched three ad solutions designed to help gaming marketers connect with their most valuable players. Playable ads allow customers to try out a game before installing. Retention optimization allows gaming marketers to deliver their ads to the people most likely to play their game, helping gaming developers better monetize their apps. And being able to ensure minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) allows brands to set a minimum spend to find the players most likely to make in-app purchases, and eliminate spend on connecting with players less likely to engage.

From the release: “Playable ads can also help advertisers drive higher-intent installs from people who have experimented with the game and are therefore more likely to play after installing. Game developers such as Bagelcode and Rovio are already seeing results using this new format. Bagelcode tested playable ads and saw a 3.2X improvement in return on ad spend on Android and a 1.4X improvement in return on ad spend on iOS. And Rovio saw a 40% lower cost per paying user and a 70% lift in day seven return on ad spend,” noted Facebook in the announcement.

Link: Facebook Business

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Hootsuite adds tools for posting to Facebook, Pinterest

Hootsuite has updated its platform to enable marketers posting to Pinterest. It has also added Boost, a new feature that allows customers to easily identify and promote top performing Facebook content for new audiences. New integrations between Hootsuite and Workplace by Facebook now empower an organization’s employees to share branded content with their own Facebook contacts.

“The customer journey across social is a diverse landscape that requires enterprises to engage over a number of platforms to effectively listen and engage with customers, build and manage their brands, and extend the value of social across the enterprise,” said Penny Wilson, CMO of Hootsuite. “Our latest advancements — including new product functionality and integrations with Adobe, Facebook and Pinterest — help our customers accelerate their growth and increase their return on investment.”

Link: Martech Series

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