Zaius adds updated segmenting abilities to behavioral marketing engine

Zaius has added Segment Builder 2.0 to its behavioral marketing engine. Zaius enables marketers to understand each customer’s intent on an individual level, and then take action through the appropriate channel. The updated segment builder has the ability to segment on multiple sequential customer actions or behaviors, combine one or more of those triggers into a single segment, and to view those actions in real time.

From the release: “You can create a segment of people who browsed your website on their mobile phone in the last 30 days and have also opened an email in the last two weeks and recently purchased from a specific category of products from your website,” Vice President of Marketing Eric Keating said. “[We took] the robustness of the data on which you can actually segment customers…and we built a tool on top of it that is as simple as any marketer would expect from a basic segmentation tool. The combination of that simplicity and power, because of the robustness of the data set, really separates the tool from anything else out there.”

Link: Destination CRM

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