TwentyThree Webinars rolls landing pages, emails, production, and on-demand videos into a single tool

Copenhagen video company TwentyThree has launched TwentyThree Webinars, enabling marketers to use conferencing tools to generate leads, engage an audience, and educate customers. TwentyThree Webinars Bring landing pages, emails, production, and on-demand videos into a single tool.

From the release: “Webinars are the original video marketing, but they have often been seen as an entirely different category from how marketers should be running their video. For the last ten years, we’ve heard our customers complain about their webinar tools, inspiring us to finally fix and launch a tool that is a natural fit with our video marketing platform,” said TwentyThree CEO Thomas Madsen-Mygdal.

Link: Martech Series

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Microsoft acquires social learning platform Flipgrid

Microsoft has acquired the learning platform Flipgrid, a social learning tool leveraging video to enable learning. Flipgrid will remain a free tool and will operate as an independent unit, much like LinkedIn. The acquisition gives Microsoft capabilities to move into the education space now dominated by Google and Apple.

From the release: “We’re thrilled to see the impact Flipgrid has had in social learning thus far and look forward to helping them continue to thrive as part of the Microsoft family,” Microsoft VP Eran Megiddo, said in a release tied to the announcement. “We’re diligently committed to making sure their platform and products continue to work across the Microsoft, Google and partner ecosystems to benefit students and teachers everywhere.”

Link: TechCrunch

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Brainshark launches AI-enabled tool for coaching sales teams

Brainshark has launched Machine Analysis, an AI-powered sales coaching tool. Machine Analysis works with Brainshark’s video-based sales coaching program to offer automated and actionable insights to coaches working with sales teams, so sellers master critical messages before speaking to a buyer.

From the release: Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn said: “Machine Analysis is the next step for video coaching. With our new technology, sales managers and leaders can create more precise coaching activities and make better, data-driven decisions. Salespeople, in turn, get consistent feedback on important and, sometimes, intangible aspects of their presentations. These are powerful advances in the Brainshark platform, and we remain committed to continuous innovation – helping organizations foster a culture of perpetual sales readiness and greater sales performance.”

Link: Brainshark In the News

Visit Brainshark Machine Analysis on CabinetM.

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How to build a perfect tech arsenal as an educator

The world is increasingly becoming what the humans first saw as ‘science fiction.’ Technology is increasingly becoming a part of our lives. We first used it to ease our workload and do things without error. Now, we use it to supplement our intelligence and make our day-to-day decisions about business, health, food, exercise – and what and how to teach our children.

Educators or teachers who mold young minds have to be tech-savvy these days to teach the current crop of kids that have been handling mobile phones and gadgets ever since they were in cribs. Naturally, to train the kids of the digital era, they need an arsenal of digital tools and apps to keep their students engaged and interested in the class.

A ‘Technology Stack’ refers to a collection of tools, software and programming languages for a specific purpose. An educator can equip himself with different types of technology stacks:

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