LiveRamp adds Connected TV solution to its identity platform

LiveRamp has added linking Connected TV identifiers to the LiveRamp omnichannel identity graph. The update means marketers. TV programmers and media platforms can use LiveRamp’s single, ubiquitous identifier to stitch together the Connected TV ecosystem, resolving customers’ identity across platforms and devices.

From the release: “Today, TV and digital strategies are rapidly converging. As the leader in digital identity resolution and addressable TV matching, LiveRamp is perfectly positioned to extend our capabilities and expertise into Connected TV,” stated Allison Metcalfe, GM of TV, LiveRamp. “Since day one, our mission has been to make marketing addressable and actionable – no matter the channel. By integrating our IdentityLink solution with CTV audiences, we’re delivering on our omnichannel promise for both buyers and sellers,” added Metcalfe.

Link: BusinessWire

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Vidoomy adds contextual targeting to video advertising platform

Vidoomy, the video advertising platform, has added Contextual Video Targeting to its platform. The Contextual Video Targeting enables marketers looking to serve an ad related to the content the user is reading or the content of the video the user is watching. For example, If the user is reading an article related to the new hybrid car technologies on any website, Vidoomy`s technolgy will be able match that ad request to those specific campaigns associated with a category like automotive or motorsport.

From the release:  “We are clear that the key to success for any advertiser is to be able to impact the right user at the right time, which is why we have developed this new technology and we are completely confident that this new product will increase the profitability of all the campaigns of our advertisers,” said Marcos Cuesta, CEO of Vidoomy.

Link: PR Newswire

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Zoom adds cloud phone system, app marketplace, meeting functions to platform

Zoom has added a number of features to its video conferencing platform. Zoom has added voice functions to consolidate business communications within the platform, audio processing tools to mix sound in real time, and a marketplace of APIs and SDKs. Zoom has released also enhancements that will help IT managers better mass deploy, troubleshoot, and proactively monitor their Zoom Rooms and change how Zoom Rooms are presented to users.

From the release: “At Zoom, we engineer happiness into our product suite. We hear time and again from happy customers that Zoom ‘Just works,’ but we don’t stop there. We innovate beyond quality and reliability to create a truly unique and comprehensive communications solution. Zoom Voice, our App Marketplace, and the ongoing enhancements we make to Zoom Rooms and our core video meeting platform demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer happiness,” said Oded Gal, head of product management for Zoom.

Link: Zoom Blog

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TwentyThree Webinars rolls landing pages, emails, production, and on-demand videos into a single tool

Copenhagen video company TwentyThree has launched TwentyThree Webinars, enabling marketers to use conferencing tools to generate leads, engage an audience, and educate customers. TwentyThree Webinars Bring landing pages, emails, production, and on-demand videos into a single tool.

From the release: “Webinars are the original video marketing, but they have often been seen as an entirely different category from how marketers should be running their video. For the last ten years, we’ve heard our customers complain about their webinar tools, inspiring us to finally fix and launch a tool that is a natural fit with our video marketing platform,” said TwentyThree CEO Thomas Madsen-Mygdal.

Link: Martech Series

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Fiverr launches pro tier, acquires

Fiverr is launching a Pro tier and has acquired video production marketplace Pro highlights a curated group of professional freelancers on its marketplace. With, Fiverr is deepening its capabilities in video, particularly in connecting buyers with videographers for local gigs.

From the release: “We thought his should be like a common e-commerce experience,” Fiverr founder and CEO Micha Kaufman told TechCrunch. “You should be able to find whatever suits you and then just click purchase.”

Link: TechCrunch

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Veritone acquires video management and licensing service provider Wazee Digital

Veritone announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Wazee Digital, provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services that enable rights holders to monetize and enrich their content. Veritone produces AIware, an operating system for Artificial Intelligence. Veritone will offer the Wazee Digital applications and services into the Media and Entertainment as well as Government markets, providing Veritone customers with the ability to drive expanded revenue opportunities from their existing video, still images and audio assets.

From the release: “Wazee Digital has a dynamic content licensing and asset management business, one of the most comprehensive operational platforms for monetization of digital media assets with a fantastic roster of blue-chip customers. And now, as a result of the recent integration between Wazee Digital’s asset management platform and Veritone’s operating system for Artificial Intelligence — aiWARE™ — joint customers can fully index, categorize, and package content on Wazee Digital’s platform, resulting in unparalleled additional revenue opportunities,” said Chad Steelberg, Veritone Founder & CEO.

Link: BusinessWire

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IronSource launches new tool for video analytics

IronSource, which makes free-to-play and free-to-use apps available to the public, has created a new tool for developers using its platform for ad-based monetization. Available right now in beta to a handful of premium partners, In-Ad Data allows advertisers to access performance data at the level of a specific advertisement. The platform analyzes and provides aggregated data concerning how users engage with the advertisements on the IronSource Platform.

From the release: “With the rise of interactive ad units like playable or interactive video ads, the ad has suddenly become not just part of a funnel, but a funnel in and of itself,” said Dan Greenberg, chief design officer at IronSource, in a statement. “Instead of just tracking an impression and a click, we’re able to access a wealth of previously inaccessible data on what’s going on inside the ad itself. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for optimizing the in-ad experience and helping advertisers learn more about their audiences in the aggregate. The promise of true creative optimization has finally been fulfilled.”

Link: VentureBeat

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Google Adwords adds features for YouTube storytelling

Google Adwords is leveraging the capabilities of YouTube to offer storytelling tools for advertisers. Among the new features are Video Experiments, allowing head-to-head testing in Adwords for tests of awareness, consideration and purchase intent. Video Creative Analytics launches with audience segmentation for retention reports, with more capabilities to come. Two features in alpha, YouTube Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing, will use swappable elements of video to get the right audience and context and ads run in a specific order to form a story.

From the release: “Kellogg’s is already tapping into tools like YouTube Director Mix to harness the power of personalization, while 20th Century Fox is pairing experimentation with Video Ad Sequencing to give viewers story-driven introductions to new films,” wrote Ali Miller, Group Product Manager, Video Ads in the Inside Google Adwords blog.

Link: Inside Google Adwords

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Instagram launches IGTV to directly compete against YouTube

Instagram has launched a product directly competing against YouTube. IGTV is the new vertical-video platform for user-generated content that is up to one hour long. There are no ads on the IGTV product within Instagram Business at launch. IGTV is launching as both an in-Instagram experience and as an independent app, and any creator will be able to upload via the app or the web.

From the release: “It’s mobile first, it’s simple and it’s high quality,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said.

Link: Variety

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Facebook Watch opens to creators for a YouTube-like experience

Initially launched to feature original content and programming, Facebook’s Watch will now begin to include videos from Pages. Facebook is broadening its video options by designing a more YouTube-like landscape for creators as it tries to build out Facebook Watch, the video hub launched last year that features original video content and programming.

From the release: “In our testing, we’ve found that people enjoy discovering and watching a combination of shows and videos in Watch — and for creators this means their videos may be eligible to show up in Watch to be discovered by a broader audience,” says Facebook.

Link: MarketingLand

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