Attack of the zombie products in your stack

We’ve all done it — we’ve started with a marketing technology product, we opted to go from free to paid user, and then our needs changed. We needed a new better version, and figured we’d kill off what we had when the subscription ran out, and get the new product.

But then it became a zombie. The product wasn’t really dead. It kept coming back to life on the company credit card.

When you create that same scenario at scale, what you get are a pile of products you’re being charged for that look like the extras on the Walking Dead. Dozens, sometimes tens-of-dozens of products could be duplicates, unused, waiting to spring back to life and suck the marrow out of your budget when you need to be working on strategy.

Have you canceled all the contracts for all the tools your organization has stopped using?  Are you sure? Can you identify all the contracts you have, and when they renew?

Marketers using CabinetM sleep well at night because they have a full view of their marketing technology use and spend.  Using CabinetM’s marketing stack configurator, marketers find:

  • They can build stacks to document all the tech they use, noting what contracts they have, and when they expire.
  • If you’ve got more than eight categories of product (email, CRM, home-grown tech, platform, social media) your spreadsheet won’t get it done. Use a modern platform for your up-to-date tech.
  • You create stacks of Retired Technology, noting what’s been retired, by whom, and why — so no one buys it again. Worked well but doesn’t integrate with the current programs? Doesn’t have capacity for what you need? Bad customer service? Note the issue so if the vendor resolves it, you can always go back. If they don’t, let others on your team know what the problem was so they don’t make the same mistake.

We know you’re moving quickly, fellow marketer. CabinetM is a tool purpose-built to help you manage the technology you use and discover the technology you need. Let us help you.

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