ON24 adds hub tracking customer engagement, digital assets

ON24 Content Gateway was launched by ON24 as a hub to help marketers curate digital assets and gain a better understanding of how customers engage with each piece of content. It is a centralized hub to store webinars, videos, white papers and podcasts. Customers can browse the hub for updated content, and are tracked on how they engage with each piece of content.

From the release: “To win the 74 percent of modern business buyers who self-service their research, we must make our content easy to find, consume and engaging enough to captivate our customers’ attention,” said Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Strategy for ON24. “ON24 Content Gateway extends engagement even further by creating an on-demand experience for webinars and other content. Not only does this ensure your customers and prospects can access your most impactful assets, it translates that engagement into data that helps identify your best leads.”

Link: DemandGen Report

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