NewsCred Content Marketing Software (by NewsCred)

NewsCred Content Marketing Software (by NewsCred)

SEO, Social Media Management, Analytics

Content Distribution, Branding/Creative, Customer Acquisition

Great For
Connecting brand and audiences through high value, popular content

Suitable For
B2C, B2B, Agency, other

NewsCred helps brands create content-rich news blasts, newsletters and other content-rich digitally delivered customer experiences, leveraging its content licensing agreement with over 5,000 of the world’s most respected publishers and sources, its in-house team of 200+ journalists and editors, and its recommendation engine.

Three things to know:
  • This major upgrade enables its Recommendation Engine platform to predict content performance by channel, based on trending topics and an article’s social reach and performance,
  • The Recommendation Engine is now reviewing and helping brands leverage over 5,000 publications and titles, including 72 new titles ranging from ComputerWorld, Dow Jones, BetaBeat, the BBC and Shutterstock to Salon, PaperMag, Nielsen, New York Magazine, Readers Digest and Al Jazeera,
  • It provides content marketing strategies and content for leading global brands, regional brands and a variety of emerging brands; its News Room has seen a 700% increase in unique visitors over the last three months.

Pricing Structure
Licensing per seat

Prices start at
$2,950/month for 3-seat annual license.

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File It! Oct. 25, 2014 edition

New Products:

PRODUCT:                      Lobster Marketplace by Lobster

Category:                        Other

Function:                         Content Creation and Distribution

Great for:                         Affordable Stock Licensing of UGC

Suitable for use by:       Agency, B2C, other

Overview: Lets marketers and publishers find and license UGC photos, videos, other media.

Three things to know:

  • Semi-professional artists, photographers and others can upload their creative content to sites like Flickr and add an #ilobsterit hashtag, indicating the media is available for commercial use
  • Buyers can easily license UGC pieces for use in campaigns, promos, etc.
  • Lobster earns 25% of sales

Pricing Structure:        one-time fee

Prices start at:               $0.99/Instagram, $1.99/Flicker photo, $2.99/video and trending topic content (such as for breaking news).

More information:      


New Features:  


PRODUCT:                       Deezer Integrates, Acquires Stitcher Radio

Category:                         Paid Advertising

Function:                          Customer Acquisition

Great for:                          Reaching select prospect audiences through streamed drive time ads

Suitable for use by:        Agency, B2C Overview: Streams music, 35,000+ radio talk shows & podcasts to target drivers, others. Three things to know:

  • Stitcher streams content from 12,000 providers such as NPR, BBC, Fox News, WSJ, This American Life and CBS, while Deezer has agreements with the major music publishers, enabling a full range of audio services,
  • Stitcher is integrated into more than 50 car models from Ford, GM, BMW, Jaguar, and into services such as Apple CarPlay,
  • Deezer recently introduced a premium service with Bose.  This integration gives Deezer attractive near-term advantages for marketers.

More information:  Press Release:


PRODUCT:                       Nielsen – Adobe Cross-Platform Ratings by Nielsen Holdings N.V.

Category:                         Customer Feedback, Site Analytics

Function:                          Metrics and Management

Great for:                          Measures online video viewership on tablets, smartphones, all IP devices

Suitable for use by:        Agency, other

Overview:  New cross-platform ratings product for measuring IP device video viewership.

Three things to know:

  • Tracks “over the top” viewers of online TV, video and other digital content to provide a deeper understanding of online audiences and consumption,
  • Adobe’s technology and web publishers relationships enable tracking of consumption on a wide range of platforms,
  • Helps address what many networks, production companies, agencies and others have long considered to be under-estimation of entertainment properties.

More information:  

Press Release:


PRODUCT:                      Videology TV Practice and Video Ad Tech by Videology Group

Category:                        Analytics

Function:                         Metrics and management, Customer acquisition

Great for:                         Precise targeting to engage video audiences across platforms

Suitable for use by:       Agency

Overview:   Lets brands, agencies target message delivery to preferred audiences.

Three things to know:

  • Videology lets brands and agencies specify reach by household demographics including income, ethnicity, children, leases, etc.
  • The new TV practice and service products manage, measure and optimize converged campaigns among linear TV, digital video and addressable TV,
  • Capture viewers as they shift among platforms.

More information:

Press Release:


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File It! Weekly Marketing Technology News Roundup October 14, 2014


PRODUCT:                       Refame by Refame (Science, Inc.)
Category:                         Social Media Marketing
Function:                          Customer Acquisition, Distribution/Channel Marketing
Great for:                         Reaching targets via Vines and Instagram
Suitable for use by:       B2C, Non-Profits

Refame helps brands find, mine and leverage targeted (largely millennial) catalyst communities.

Three things to know:

  • Creates exclusive influencer networks among a brand’s targeted demographic.  These influencers create campaigns which Refame tracks and analyzes,
  • Identifies subsets of influential users most likely to help a brand reach its targeted audience (identified algorithmically),
  • Its tag – “Change The Way The World Sees Your Brand” – is its goal, connecting brands with the users who, through their lens, articulate and spread the brand’s story with the goal of creating authentic, emotional connections.

More information:
PRODUCT:                 Flaresapp by FlareWorks
Category:                   Social Media Platform with mobile ad potential
Function:                    Communications
Great for:                    Instant visual messaging with 1-hour lifespan
Suitable for:               B2C, NPO, Agency

Flaresapp provides instant visual messaging with 1-hour lifespan to enable immediate mobile communication with no dialing or composing; messages are more easily, quickly and safely read than written communications.

Three things to know:

  • Targeted initially to consumers, Flares is a new type of coms channel with potential marketing applications such as geo-located events and limited-time promotions,
  • As with their namesake, Flares are ephemeral – they’re viewable for 40 seconds and expire after an hour whether or not they’re viewed (not stored on server),
  • Potentially safer, immediate communication to & from those on-the-go.

Prices start at:   Free to consumers (tbd for brand licensing)

Installation:                     Individual download
Product availability:      Immediately on iTunes, “coming soon” for other platforms
More information:
Press release:      


PRODUCT:                  Atlas by Atlas Solutions, a subsidiary of Facebook
Category:                    Paid Advertising, Analytics
Function:                      Customer acquisition, Engagement, Channel
Great for:                     Track campaigns across devices, social platforms
Suitable for use by:   B2C, Non-profit, Government, Agencies

Atlas is an ad server and measurement platform that lets marketers reach targets across platforms to help convert online impressions to offline purchases.

Three things to know:
Cookies don’t work on mobile.  Atlas has been rebuilt to provide marketers with easier, more effective mobile customer activity tracking,

  • Atlas supports demographic targeting and better tracking of the fuller customer purchase funnel – both on mobile and IRL,
  • Privacy:   smart brands will take advantage of user protections to address potential concerns, as a user logged in to FB on their smartphone is trackable for other apps in use.  Ads could be targeted to show in those apps, however, ad matching is done ‘blind’ – FB pledges not to disclose user identities to advertisers.   Users may also specify information they will/won’t share with advertisers and other apps.

Product availability:   Immediate
More information:
Press release: 

PRODUCT:               Local Awareness Ads by Facebook
Category:                  Paid Advertising, Analytics
Function:                   Customer acquisition, Engagement, Location
Great for:                   Reach local customers by radius, age, gender, etc.
Suitable for use by:   SMB B2C, other

Local Awareness Ads, by Facebook, provide local businesses (and larger brands promoting local events) new reach to drive sales, enabling them to set a desired radius, target, gender and age range, and reach target prospects in their vicinity.

Three things to know:

  • Designed to make the heavy lifting of marketing for hyper-local businesses easier, each campaign provides metrics such as estimates on how many prospects an ad is likely to reach based on the brand’s budget and its targeting criteria,
  • Businesses within a mile will be able to drive foot traffic with easy ad creation and CTAs that are far easier, more flexible and immediate than other approaches,
  • FB has not combined this hyper-local capability with dynamic retargeting, but the potential’s there and is compelling.

Product availability:   US in October/November, globally soon after
More information:

PRODUCT:                Vivoom by Vivoom, Inc.
Category:                   Paid Advertising
Function:                    Branding/Creative, Engagement, other
Great for:                    Integrating brand images, animation into video UGC
Suitable for use by:    B2C, Agencies

Vivoom, Inc. allows brands to build on campaigns and themes by encouraging target users to incorporate branded assets (such as iconic images, animations, etc.) into video UGC, and tracking results.

Three things to know:

  • It detects where fans are (location targeting) and what they love (social targeting), and delivers campaigns organically,
  • 75% of Vivoom views are mobile, all video plays are full screen (versus small mobile ad unit) and all action is fully measurable (no auto-plays),
  • Use example:  for the new movie Dracula Untold in theaters this week, Universal Studios is inviting Fans to add bats to & share their videos.  Vivoom is esp. fun for brands with products and services that are visual or thematic.

Pricing:                               Free to end users for UGC
Installation:                      Immediate
Product availability:    iTunes
More information:
Press release:        

PRODUCT:                      Ifbyphone – Act-On call conversion integration
Category:                        CRM
Function:                         Customer acquisition, retention
Great for:                         Track mobile marketing, integrate voice response
Suitable for:                   B2C, B2B, Non-profit, Agencies, other

Ifbyphone-Act-On call conversion integration, integrates marketing automation and phone tracking, allowing Act-On based-brands to use Ifbyphone data to track calls from mobile web visitors for more accurate lead scoring and campaign analysis.

Three things to know:

  • Helps capture data on those responding to email campaigns directly from their smartphones,
  • Improves lead scoring accuracy, campaign tracking, routing,
  • Brings voice into the digital marketing mix.

More information:  
Press Release:

PRODUCT:                          Flipboard Video Ads by Flipboard
Category:                            Paid Advertising
Function:                             Customer acquisition
Great for:                              Deepens brand/prospect connection on Flipboard
Suitable for use by:         B2C, Agencies

Flipboard (which claims 100 million users) is introducing Flipboard Video ads with premium brands:  Sony Pictures, Gucci, Lufthansa, Jack Daniels, Principal Financial Group, Woodford Reserve, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and Chrysler.  Flipboard is closely monitoring response – possibly weighing whether to move to autoplay strategy.

Three things to know:

  • For now, video ads are offered only as components of display ads, no standalone video ads are being sold.  They’re presented muted by default, and must be activated by user engagement – an important feature for campaign measurement (as well as those Flipping at work, etc.).
  • Flipboard is closely monitoring response – possibly weighing whether to move to autoplay strategy.
  • Premium brands such as Gucci, Sony Pictures among early users.

Product availability:         November 1, 2014 (in trial now)
More information:  
Press Release:           

PRODUCT:                      Gimbal–Urban Airship integration
Category:                         Paid advertising, Location-based marketing
Function:                         Geo-located push notification
Great for:                         “In-the-moment” mobile engagement
Suitable for use by:    B2C, Agencies

Gimbal-Urban Airship integration helps deliver the right message to the right prospects and customers, at the right time, by bringing new context to pushed geo-fenced mobile messages.  Enables smarter push notification for personalized marketing that plays off of customer data for Retention and Loyalty; for B2C and agency applications.

Three things to know:

  • Enables smarter push notification for personalized marketing that plays off of customer data, for example offering last-minute ticket discounts to nearby fans, offers based on a visiting customer’s history, post-visit surveys after the customer’s departed the geo-fenced area, etc.,
  • Gimbal’s security and geofence network management and Urban Airship’s scalable messaging architecture enable up to 100,000 messages per second,
  • Affords brick & mortar brands new insight into traffic patterns, display marketing, etc.

More information:  
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PRODUCT:                          Primer by Google
Category:                            SEO, Marketing Automation, Analytics
Function:                             Briefs on Google Analytics, AdWords, etc.
Great for:                             As-needed training for newer marketing pros
Suitable for use by:        B2B, B2C, Agency, Government, Non-profit, other

Primer by Google offers brief marketing lessons for start-ups, newer marketing pros and those whose job functions have expanded to include its ad-tech and SEO-related functions. Primer is great for as-needed training for B2C, B2B, agency, non-profit and other marketers.

Three things to know:

  • “We realized that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros.  We want to fix that.”
  • Primer lessons are co-developed with field experts, and delivered with case studies, lessons and quizzes that quickly build familiarity with some of Google’s relevant ad-tech offerings and strategies,
  • Each five (or so) minute lesson lets participants “learn marketing fast” and promises to be no-nonsense, jargon free and helpful in avoiding common mistakes.  Primer lessons are meant as quick smartphone reads, ideal for as-needed knowledge transfer (or maximizing commuting time).

Pricing structure:           Free
Installation:                      Download
Availability:                       Immediate on iTunes, soon on Android
More information:

PRODUCT:                        Hootsuite-Zeetl telephony integration, acquisition
Category:                          CRM, Social management and marketing
Function:                           Customer retention, Acquisition
Great for:                           Response escalation from open social to voice
Suitable for use by:        B2B, B2C, Agency, Non-profit, Government, other

Hootsuite-Zeetl telephony integration enables Hootsuite-based organizations to use social customer service with a smooth, non-public pathway to problem resolution.  The integration is great for deepening brand connections to younger adults.

Three things to know:

  • Simplifies transition of discussion of complex issues off of social streams and onto secure voice, via a non-public number link or Skype ID tweeted back to customer,
  • Hootsuite now consolidates management of 35+ social networks, helping brands track what’s begin said about them and manage their social media posts and campaigns.
  • Zeetle integration will enable direct in-message response and provisioning of call-in numbers.

More information:
Press Release:     

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