SalesAgility releases new low-cost, hosted CRM

SalesAgility, maker of the open-source SuiteCRM, has launched a new product that is priced by server hosting instead of per user. Advanced features for the new CRM, called Suite:OnDemand, are offered at no additional cost so every feature and benefit is available with each hosting package.

From the release: “We want SuiteCRM to be available to all businesses and to all users within a business,” said Dale Murray CEO of SalesAgility. “Many organizations do not have the experience to run and support our product on-premise or it is not part of their technology strategy to do so. With Suite:OnDemand we are providing our customers with a quick and easy solution to access all the features of SuiteCRM without a per user cost. We’re also saying to Salesforce that enterprise-class CRM can be delivered, enhanced, maintained and supported without charging mouth-wateringly expensive monthly fees. Our aim is to transform the CRM market to enable users to make CRM pervasive within their organisations.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Dell Technologies Cloud released to make hybrid cloud easier to deploy

Dell Technologies unveiled Dell Technologies Cloud, a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions to make hybrid cloud environments simpler to deploy and manage. Dell Technologies Cloud removes cloud complexity by offering consistent infrastructure and operations for IT resources, across public and private clouds and the edge, regardless of location. The Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio consists of the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms and the new Data Center-as-a-Service offering, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

From the release: “For many organizations, the increasingly diverse cloud landscape is resulting in an enormous amount of IT complexity, and no one is more qualified or capable to help customers solve this challenge than Dell Technologies,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of products and operations, Dell Technologies. “Cloud is not a destination; it’s an operating model. With Dell Technologies Cloud and joint engineering between Dell EMC and VMware, we are offering a unified hybrid cloud experience. This provides consistent infrastructure and operations at every location the cloud resides—from on-premises data centers to public clouds and the emerging edge—allowing our customers to have greater control of their multi-cloud journey.”

Link: PR Newswire

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StackMates: Adobe after the Marketo acquisition

Marketo acquisition

In late 2018, Adobe completed the Marketo acquisition, a massive deal with a price tag of $4.75 billion.

Marketo CEO Steve Lucas wrote in a blog post following the announcement, “Marketo’s exceptional lead management, account-level data, and multi-channel marketing capabilities will combine with Adobe’s rich behavioral dataset to create the most advanced, unified view of the customer at both an individual and account level.” (Lucas is now SVP, Business Development, Digital Experience at Marketo, an Adobe company.)

To look at the the growth of Marketo inside enterprise marketing stacks managed on CabinetM since then, we queried the anonymized stack data using our StackInsights functionality, leading with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The StackMates graphic (above) has Adobe Marketing Cloud at the center. Surrounding it, you can see all the other platforms and tools that appear in stacks where Adobe Marketing Cloud is an anchor platform. The farther out you go in our graphic, the less frequently those tools show up in those stacks.

Is it a surprise that the most popular tool is Marketo? For us it was. In most of the other stacks built on our platform, Google Analytics is the most popular product, regardless of which anchor platform we are investigating. Also of note is that Salesforce is so prominent in these stacks —  being implemented right alongside the capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud and Marketo.

For those of you new to CabinetM, large enterprise organizations use our platform to gain centralized oversight of their marketing technology use, spend, and strategy. Organizations track, manage and report on marketing technology assets which now, according to Gartner, represent 29% of the marketing budget. CabinetM collects a vast amount of data about products being used, in what combination, and their performance. Our Stack Insights capability (which is also available to our Enterprise subscription customers) allows us to query our anonymized data to gain insights into how users are building their stacks.

See more StackMates on CabinetM.

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GeekHive new service assesses enterprise MarTech stacks

GeekHive has launched its Martech Stack Assessment & Recommendations service to enable companies to explore and initiate their business’ digital transformation at an attractive price point. This consultative service includes a systems evaluation of existing technologies, an organizational assessment of digital transformation readiness, and a marketing technology gap analysis, followed by industry-informed recommendation options, strategy and planning development, and an actionable roadmap for implementation.

From the release:  “Whether your organization needs help realizing the potential of its existing marketing investments, implementing new platforms into its current martech stack, or identifying appropriate technologies for its unique business model, our martech consultants will handle the heavy lifting for your team and support you throughout the process,” said GeekHive’s President and CEO, Peter Ladka. “We engineer solutions that are driven by your business objectives, so that you can start seeing returns on your marketing investments.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Attack Your Stack: Anchor Platforms

At the core of every marketing stack is a suite of anchor platforms that are essential to your marketing and sales activities and that provide the foundation for the rest of your marketing technology stack. These platforms are generally integrated with other elements of your stack.

Typically, these would include your:

  • Data warehouse/management system/CDP
  • Primary analytics and measurement platforms
  • CRM system
  • Marketing automation platform
  • eCommerce platform (if relevant)

Because these platforms require a significant financial investment and an investment in operator training, it’s important to get the selection right.

As part of your stack rationalization effort, you should be assessing the value that each current anchor platform delivers and ensure that each platform meets your current functional requirements. You should also be checking that the vendor has a robust road map that will deliver new, relevant functionality to carry you forward.

It’s also important to look at how much of each platform’s capabilities you are actually leveraging, and whether there is an opportunity to take advantage of additional features.

Of utmost importance is ensuring that each platform integrates well with your other anchor platforms. If it doesn’t, you may need to develop custom integration code yourself or find a 3rd party provider to develop custom code for you.

To download your full copy of the Attack Your Stack workbook via instruction at the link.

Anita Brearton is founder and CEO of CabinetM, a platform that helps marketers take control of their marketing technology environments. In addition to CabinetM, Anita is a CMS Wire monthly columnist and speaks frequently on marketing practices and stack building.
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NewsCred releases updates to Content Marketing Platform

Enterprise content marketing platform NewsCred has updated its NewsCred Content Marketing Platform (CMP). Marketing teams now have a single space to view all marketing activities, align strategic priorities, govern and measure the content experience of their customers, and reduce waste by tracking workflows and promoting asset utilization.

From the release: “In order to shift from being a cost center to a profit center, marketing departments need to break down silos and operate as agile teams,” said Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder and CEO, NewsCred. “The release of Integrated Campaigns and the NewsCred CMP: Integrated Marketing Edition helps marketing teams optimize performance by orchestrating all marketing activities and content across the organization.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Alight Analytics has launched Dashboard Templates for Tableau

Alight Analytics has launched Dashboard Templates for Tableau, a ready-to-use suite of marketing dashboard templates designed exclusively for use with Tableau Software. The templates are built to work with Alight’s ChannelMix platform for marketing data aggregation and management. Marketers have to establish only a single data connection — to ChannelMix — to begin using their new dashboards, which deliver a channel-level view of marketing performance.

From the release: “Marketers love dashboards, and for good reason: They’re an amazingly effective way to communicate complex information to clients and internal teams,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder. “The only problem is that building a truly great dashboard can take serious amounts of time, especially if you’re trying to stitch together data from different sources. With our new dashboard templates, we’re helping clients to get up and running as fast as possible.”

Link: Alight Analytics Press Releases 

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Acquia Cloud updates security for Drupal-based platform

Acquia Cloud, which enables customers to build and manage Drupal-based digital experiences, has security capabilities now upgraded to manage risk and comply with a pare of new U.S. regulations. The upgrades include unified management of international and external user authentication, better visibility of incident detection, and updates to the private isolated cloud that is Acquia Cloud Shield.

From the release: “These new capabilities for Acquia Cloud empower our customers with insightful governance by providing foundational security principles directly to our customers,” said Joseph Janik, chief information security officer at Acquia. “Built on AWS’ platform, these innovations provide deeper insights into hosted applications along with a comprehensive set of security capabilities.”

Link: Acquia Newsroom

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Zoovu launches self-serve conversational marketing platform

Conversational marketing platform Zoovu has launched a new interface, offering an AI-powered, self-service digital assistant. The new offering provides over 200 bespoke templates, each with unique layouts, designs and conversational flows, empowering brands to create an entirely customized digital assistant.

From the release: “Self-service technology options are an increasingly-growing ask amongst our customers, and we’re helping to revolutionize this market as it relates to brands’ digital assistant deployment efforts,” said Rob Mullen, chief executive officer, Zoovu. “We’re in the business of helping brands create more relatable, conversational touchpoints with consumers, and our platform only enhances this effort. From Fortune 500 enterprises to SMBs with limited marketing budgets, the new Zoovu interface provides the opportunity for digital assistants to be an attainable asset for all brands regardless of size, industry or target audience.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Conga releases Ai tool for contract review

Digital document transformation platform Conga has released AI Analyze, a tool that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock actionable business insights from digital documents and contracts. AI Analyze automates review of contracts, and will export key contract data into the CRM, CLM or ERP systems automatically.

From the release: “Everyday documents — including contracts — are the lifeblood of modern business, but organizations struggle to turn the information hidden within them into insights that propel their businesses forward,” said Doug Rybacki, Chief Technology Officer at Conga. “When used in conjunction with the Conga Suite, AI Analyze enables organizations to analyze, organize and manage all of the key information in their contracts to accelerate the contract negotiation process and close deals faster than ever before.”

Link: Martech Series

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