Triggered customer journey tools added to Adobe Campaign

Adobe has updated Adobe Campaign with Triggered Journeys, a feature which enables a series of touchpoints – email, push notification, in-app or any other channel critical to your business – that are automatically triggered in real-time to the customer once a customer interacts with your brand.

From the release: “Triggered Journeys complements marketers’ current outbound programs and allow the brand to go the extra mile for customers to truly build loyalty,” said Kristin Naragon, director of Product Marketing for Adobe Campaign. “We created Triggered Journeys with accessibility in mind; it doesn’t require a technical background and is intuitive and easy to use.”

Link: Adobe Blog

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Top MarTech in 2019 (so far)

What’s new in stacks in 2019? Well, that depends on your point of view.

The anonymized data in StackInsights shows us what MarTech, FinTech and AdTech enterprises are managing within stacks on CabinetM. When we look at new stacks – built in 2019 – we can see what the most popular products are among our users.

The big surprise? For B2B marketers, the top tool isn’t analytics, it’s a marketing automation platform. Marketo – which was acquired in late 2018 by Adobe – is the number one product for new B2B stacks on CabinetM.

Top products in B2B stacks

  1. Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Adobe Analytics
  4. LinkedIn
  5. SharePoint

The other note on B2B stacks is that a collaboration tool – SharePoint – is so popular it ranks number 5.

For B2C stacks – stacks which usually have many more tools than used by B2B enterprises – have analytics, automation, and then video tools in the top 5.

Top products in B2C stacks

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Adobe Analytics
  3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  4. Brightcove Video Marketing Suite
  5. YouTube

CabinetM is a Marketing Technology Management Platform that makes it easy for enterprise marketing teams to manage the technology they have and find the technology they need.

If you need help managing your marketing technology, let CabinetM’s Erica Ross get you started. In 15 minutes, we can get you on your way to mastery of your MarTech environment.

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PX opens Private Marketplaces

Acquisition platform PX has launched PX Private Marketplaces, a market program for third-party publishers and lead buyers to engage in direct, one-to-one transactions. Under the new offering, any lead buyer with relationships to publishers outside of the PX open exchange can now migrate those transactions into a PX Private Marketplace without losing any of their direct connection to the source.

From the release: “Establishing Private Marketplaces is an important step in our pursuit to transform the entire customer acquisition industry,” said Frans van Hulle, co-founder and CEO of PX. “Many of our lead buyers have existing engagements with publishers outside of our open exchange, so our new Private Marketplaces allow them to maintain those relationships and enjoy the benefits of managing all of their campaigns in one place, the PX platform.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Sitecore Connect updated for Salesforce users

Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been updated so Salesforce users can gain flexibility, working among multiple environments with better personalized experiences, and can get easy access to content, images, and data from Sitecore Experience Platform to enhance Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns.

From the release: “The reality most marketers work in today is one of disjointed platforms and information silos, making it difficult to enhance brand experience or create personalized content,” said Paige O’ Neill, chief marketing officer at Sitecore. “The integration of Sitecore and Marketing Cloud delivers an enhanced experience across channels, and with our latest iteration, users can better personalize the customer experience, regardless of language, site or country.”

Link: Yahoo Finance

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Spectrio acquires Media Distribution Solutions

Spectrio, provider of in-store marketing solutions, announced today it has acquired Media Distribution Solutions (MDS), producer of low-cost, on-demand video creation based in Plano, Texas. The acquisition builds upon Spectrio’s marketing technology suite, further accelerating the its capability to provide content at scale across avenues both online and on-site.

From the release: “Delivering a consistent marketing message both online and in-store is key for any business in order to build trust and loyalty with their customers,” said Dax Brady-Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer at Spectrio. “This acquisition allows us to offer our customers fresh, turnkey, personalized video content they can integrate across the entire shopper journey.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Twitch acquires Bebo, gains gaming expertise

Amazon-owned Twitch has purchased esports company and early social media contender Bebo to grow its presence in the gaming world. The acquisition of the 10-person team is meant to add fuel to Twitch’s esports business.

From the release: “Amazon’s broader efforts in gaming have gone through a series of fits and starts. Last week, Amazon confirmed that it restructured its internal game development studio and canceled projects, reportedly letting go of dozens of game developers in the process. The studio has released one console game, “The Grand Tour Game,” and has two online games in development.”

Link: GeekWire

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The magic wrought by advertising wizards automating ad building

What’s an advertising *wizard?

It’s a simplified, automated way of building programmatic ads. You an use a standard size image or logo. There’s a place for a headline or two and a business name. You’ll insert a link so when folks click on your ad, they go to your website – or the landing page of your choice.

Some ad wizards will reformat your advertisement for the space allotted – say for a banner ad AND a facebook post. Some will allow for a variety of fonts. Other tools will employ drag-and-drop features so customizing a display ad is fast as well as easy.

The following display ad wizards help get ads built quickly:

Clipcentric is a feature-rich, all-in-one ad wizard platform built to help ad teams quickly design and develop dynamic, responsive cross-platform rich media ads that run seamlessly in any environment. Comes with an easy drag and drop WYSIWYG workspace. Programmatic creative in-situ using client data rules specified during your ad build or as defined by real-time internal or external data feeds.
BEST FEATURE: Powerful HTML5 Authoring comple
te with complete with actions, hotspots, and interactions with other ad components.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

PageSkin is an advertising tool that enables marketers to create a “skin” in the margins of any website. PageSkin uses an advertising format that enables ads to wrap around entire web pages in a takeover style, enabling the advertiser to ‘skin’ multiple high-traffic web pages with a single booking.
BEST FEATURE: Available on desktop and tablet, PageSkin is creatively and technically tailored for optimum performance on all devices.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Bannerflow is a display ad wizard for building and managing digital ads. Bannerflow enables markerters who wish to design, scale, and publish campaigns, in-house. Build professional looking HTML5 banner ads that run across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Shows the full campaign results in real-time. Publish and un-publish campaigns through the publishing tool.
BEST FEATURE: Use the same media for building ads to build landing pages on the same platform.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Bannersnack is a templated display ad wizard tool. Users can start from a custom size or grab a standard-size layout from the Bannersnack gallery. Add a background, animate your text and shapes, experiment with different colors.
BEST FEATURE: Edit the headline, text, button, background or any other element on all banners, simultaneously.
PRICING: Individual plans with 30 static banners monthly start at $7.


*Cool image via Jonathan Mueller

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Phrasee releases dashboard for real-time revenue updates

Phrasee, an email tool for generating attention-grabbing email subject lines, has released a new dashboard to help give marketers a real-time view of revenue updates. The dashboard displays key insights including real-time uplift and revenue forecasting, as well as identifying where incorrect testing methodology is being used.  

From the release: “Too many businesses are unaware of the hidden cost of bad email subject lines. The right subject line has the power to drive incremental uplift in open rates, which can often lead to millions in additional revenue over a financial year – we know this, because this is how Phrasee has helped deliver more revenue for our current enterprise customers,” said Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder, Phrasee.  “We created these new features to provide both CMOs and heads of CRM with more insight into how language testing within their email marketing campaigns can lead to a massive increase in their revenue. We’re committed to continuous innovation to empower CMOs and marketing teams at the world’s most progressive brands.” 

Link: Phrasee News Releases

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The Mars Agency launches predictive commerce intelligence platform named for its founder

The Mars Agency has launched Marilyn, a predictive commerce intelligence platform. Comprised of nine interconnected technologies that work together to improve marketing efficiency, Marilyn was built to provide greater confidence to marketers at ever decision point, from understanding the growth potential of a given audience or market, to unearthing insights and purchase barriers. Named after Marilyn Barnett, the founder of The Mars Agency, Marilyn is powered by IBM Watson.

From the release: “For decades, the marketing agency model has relied on the intelligence, talent and intuition of a team to create what was believed to be true. Now, with Marilyn, we can use AI and predictive intelligence to make decisions on what we know to be true,” said Ken Barnett, Global CEO of The Mars Agency.

Link: Martech Series

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